Starting at the beginning.

Key to failure

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I have been a moderately successful blogger for the past few years. Not successful in the “I have zillions of followers” or “I post three times a week” kind of way. My kind of success is keeping things going, reasonable steadily, for as long as I have. One, maybe two, posts a month. Lately, even that’s changed. I have gone more than three months without posting anything.

I’ve tried to post. I’ve had ideas that I’ve brought to one of the mismatched tables of my favourite local café. I’ve written draft upon draft of opinionated blathering, but have not had the confidence to publish any of them. Initially I chalked that up to the complete terrible-ness of The Dreaded First Draft, but even subsequent, more polished, versions were shirked.


It was recommended to me that I start fresh. Not just a new blog, but a following of zero.

Consider this the possible beginning of a complete re-brand. I can’t make promises about what I will and will not do here, but I can tell you what my goals (not promises. Goals) are:

  • One post per week (at least).
  • No more self-censorship. If I have something to say, I’m going to say it. Fuck the police.*

Actually . . . that’s about it. I’d like to use this as a platform to practice writing as often as possible, and I need to stop my ridiculous self-suppression.

Sarah McLachlan – Blackbird


*Strictly in the “eschewing the authority of an individual or entity who are perceived to have excessive power or wield their influence against those of a lesser station or class” (Urban Dictionary) kind of way. I’m actually a big fan of the police as a general rule.


3 thoughts on “Starting at the beginning.

    • Oh hello! 🙂

      Thank you. 🙂 I’m excited about the prospects. Clearly that one-post-a-week thing isn’t happening the way I’d planned, but otherwise I’m getting more and more stoked about this project. New ideas all the time. Hopefully one or two of them even get written! 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, I certainly appreciate it. 🙂

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