Five Things Not To Lie About

One of my favourite bloggers (and entrepreneurs) is Ashely from After Nine to Five. There are a few reasons: 1) she is a raw, honest and savvy writer, 2) she took the plunge and quit her nine-to-five to pursue her dream (this also makes her an inspiration in my life) and 3) she owns and operates one of the coolest businesses I’ve seen in a long time. (I tried, pretty hard, to get them established in a local shop…to no avail, unfortunately. But! I won’t give up. There are two other pretty amazing indie shops in town who could very easily carry and rock the Gnarly Whale product line.)

So, when Ashley wrote Five Things Not To Lie About, my responding was a no-brainer. I COULD have just replied in comments, regaling how much I enjoyed the post and touching on a few subjects, but writing a post in response is more fun. Plus? It’s ALMOST a blog survey and we know how much I love those.

Without further adieu – Five Things Not To Lie About:

Your Work History – I omit exactly two jobs from my resume. One was a one night gig at a neighbourhood pub immediately after I had quit a restaurant job I had maintained for years. Turns out I should absolutely not have tried to get back into food service. I quit for a reason. The other was a casual position I had taken at our local police department, working the front desk. This happened after I had worked as a call-taker (emergency and non-emergency) and radio dispatcher for the RCMP. This was another job I should not have taken, for exactly the same reason I should not have taken the pub job. I had just gotten out of a job I hated (that was the job that “wore me down to an almost unrecognizable, terrible version of myself“) and, because I had a certain skill set and understood several unique computer systems, jumped back into the frying pan. This job stays off of my resume largely because I would hate to have that employer contacted for a reference. It was a terrible fit for both of us. (Thankfully it didn’t last very long. At all.)

Your Health – I have suffered depression. I have suffered depression to the point where I have considered suicide. Again? Almost unrecognizable, terrible version of myself. I hated to be where I was, so before I lost track of what was going on in my head I got out. I don’t like to talk about it because I don’t feel it is relevant. Mine was situational depression (and some seasonal, at different times), not clinical or chemical. Rationally, this is no less  detrimental. Irrationally, I don’t consider it “as important,” so I suffered in silence and refused to talk about it. (Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Let me tell you how much I don’t do that anymore.)

Your Free Time – is absolutely wasted. When I should be writing, because that is what I want to pursue, I watch Criminal Minds, Castle and Masterchef. Honestly, I think I talk about writing more than I actually write. It’s getting ridiculous.

Your Guilty Pleasures – I don’t have them. I don’t feel guilty about the things I love. I used to. I used to avoid the topic of Britney Spears, because it wasn’t “cool” to dig her in the crowd I ran in. Life’s too short and I’m too eclectic to care anymore.

Your Struggles – Well, we can harken back to the depression. I have certainly struggled with that, off and on. My relationship has had its ups and downs, but whose hasn’t? This pregnancy hasn’t always been sunshine and roses, from morning sickness to gestational diabetes. Thing is? I’ve overcome these struggles, so far. I mean the depression will always hide in the background, looking for the perfect time to rear its ugly head again, and then I will deal with it again. Highs and lows will always come in a relationship, especially with a tiny person getting ready to make his appearance – few things try relationships the way children and money do – but hopefully we’ll get through it the way we get through everything else, with communication and a lot of hard work. And the baby? Well, he’ll come eventually and then the struggle will be protecting, nourishing (body and mind) and preparing him for the big, big world he’ll have to face.

What do you lie about? Any of these things, or something altogether different? Or nothing at all?

Deep Purple – Highway Star



One thought on “Five Things Not To Lie About

  1. Thanks so much for linking to me and writing this post! 🙂 I love your take on guilty pleasures and it’s nice to know I’m not the only one that had a job that was a terrible fit for me! Thanks for being so honest 🙂

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