I love indie shops!

I used to rock a job in a local, independent bookshop. (It has an amazing little café attached, too. Naturally.) I loved that job. I would have been there forever if not for a mortgage, too many bills and a sorry excuse for a bank account. (Hindsight though? Hindsight is 20-20. Some things are more important than others. Thankfully, there are other reasons, not just bank account, health benefits and a pension, for my having gotten out of that gig.)

That job taught me a very important lesson: independent stores are really important to me and I want to be involved in one again in my lifetime.

Mostly it’s the ability to do your own thing and not be held accountable by The Man. There are also The Regulars. People who frequently attend indie bookshops and cafés are a special kind of crazy awesome.

Ultimately? It’s the quirkiness. The quirkiness pushes all of the right buttons in me. Where else can you do things like this:

Just put the tip in(Image found on Facebook)

our-coffee(Image @ Joke Overflow)

6a00e54f10a0988834017ee3c97551970d-500wi(Image @ Retail Hell Underground)

DYKQr(Image @ egotvonline)


(Image @ The Things We Say)

Okay let’s face it, this entire collection needs to be included: 16 Funny Restaurant, Coffee Shop and Bar Signs

While it’s true that I have seen some pretty clever signs at Starbucks and DavidsTea, there’s something much, much more special about an indie shop.

Do YOU have a favourite indie shop? Books, coffee, pub, bar, knick-knacks? What is it? Where is it? What makes it so special?!

John(ny Cougar) Mellencamp – Paper In Fire




6 thoughts on “I love indie shops!

  1. Just put the tip in….
    Hahahaahahah!!!!! These are wonderful. 🙂 Also, I have always wanted to work in an independent bookstore, but more so to own one and have it be exactly how I want it (with compromises because there are always compromises). Anyway, I think independent stores of all kinds are so important!

    • Yes. Absolutely, 100% yes. Owning an indie bookshop is one of my biggest dreams. After the first few years of being too anal to leave it alone, I could go part-time and also write more. Hah – or go into business with a like-minded individual to make co-managing and writing much, much easier. 😉

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