Survey says: ABCs about me!

Annnnnnd survey whore-ness strikes again!

Big thank you to the lovely Anni at Grapefruitprincess ReLoaded for this link-up.


Attached or single?
Buddy system.

Best friend?
The Husband Dude.

Cake or pie?
Pie. (And I’m torn on favourite flavour. I used to think it was lemon meringue, but I’m totally jonesing for pumpkin. And I love apple. And cherry. And key lime. I think pie is my favourite pie.)

tumblr_m80fj6els51qezyd9(Image @ tumblr)

Day of the week?
Friday. But at 1600h-ish. The start of the weekend is the start of my biggest chunk of family time. I love my family time.

Essential item?
For what? I feel my laptop is essential for sanity and creativity, but I expect others might consider my deodorant, or toothbrush, essential.

Favourite colour?
Red. And green. I fucking love Christmas.

Gummy bears or gummy worms?
Worms. I’m a size queen.

Funny. My sister and I were just talking about this. We moved around a bit while growing up and neither of us feel we have a hometown. So no hometown in the traditional sense.

Favourite indulgence?
Currently, Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Mint bar. Amazing.

January or July?
I want to say July (it’s my birthday month), but I’m less and less of a fan of the heat, so January it is!

I has one (now)! He’s cute. And doom-y!

Life isn’t complete without?
My family. I would be completely lost without The Husband Dude and The Little Man – and The Hellhound is okay too, I guess.

Must watch TV show?
Supernatural. (I just started a full series re-watch. So much love.)

Number of Brothers/Sisters?
One (younger) sister. Also two sisters-in-law and one brother-in-law.

Oranges or apples?
Good question. I’m torn. Neither are my favourite fruit, but I love both at different times. Oranges are necessary in fruit salad and apples with peanut butter rock my socks.

Spiders. Water. Success. Failure.

Favourite Quotes?
This above all:


Reason to smile?
Is it super cliché to say my son? Because he really is my (new) favourite reason to smile. Otherwise (and before TLM), I’m a pretty big fan of sarcasm.
Season of choice?
Autumn. Love the colours. Love the chill in the air. Love the perfect reason to bust out the sweaters. Love the pumpkin spice lattés.
Tag three people.
I don’t play that game. But! If you DO complete this one? Link back or comment, I’d love to read your answers!
Unknown fact about me?
My favourite pair of panties are bright, Barbie doll pink.
Favourite vegetable?
Broccoli. And the garden carrots I’ve been enjoying this week (courtesy of my parents-in-law).

Worst habit?

I bite my fingers. Not my nails, my fingers.

X-ray or Ultrasound?
I have had both, yes.

Your favourite food?
This changes. Right now? Homemade bread toast with butter and homemade jam (the homemade-ness, again, courtesy of my parents-in-law. They treat me very well).

Zodiac Sign?

Kansas – Carry On Wayward Son



4 thoughts on “Survey says: ABCs about me!

  1. Best. Answers. Ever.

    Hands down.

    Will you marry me?

    I’ll never understand why anyone would choose cake over pie? Although, if someone could make a cake-pie, I think they would be gazillionaires.

    P.S. I planted carrots this year and not one seed germinated. Not. One. All I got was a blade of grass where my carrots were supposed to be. And all my broccoli went to seed three times before I finally gave up. I will live vicariously through you. Sniff.

    • Hah! Thank you, Day Brightener. That made me smile.

      I’m so sorry your carrots didn’t grow! Ugh. That is one of the reasons I don’t grow things. The other reason is that I can’t – I have a black thumb. I rely on family to give me fresh veggies. I will absolutely fail in the zombie apocalypse.

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