In the kitchen: Autumn baking!

I may have received a zucchini that is (literally) bigger than my son. TLM was twenty-two inches long (and seven pounds, fourteen ounces) at birth. This zucc is more than eleven inches longer than the babe and easily out-weighs him by double. It’s insane.

So…I need to find some ways to use it up!

This is, as you can imagine, where Pinterest comes in very handy. Oh the zucchini recipes, folks! It’s incredible.

(Have I told you that I love baking? I’m pretty sure I mentioned it in my bio, but I feel the need to reiterate. I love baking. Hard. I find it calming.)

(…I should also tell you that Autumn everything rocks my socks. I love the chill in the air. I love wearing sweaters. I love the colour of the leaves. And I absolutely, fucking love the flavours. In particular? Zucchini and pumpkin. When the pumpkin spice lattés start to show their amazing little faces again? This fox is very happy.)

So! Here’s what I’ve found so far:

Things so good I have to make them again.

exps27047_QC943310D13EPumpkin Pie Dip
(It should be noted that I never add the amount of icing sugar called for. I actually never go above three-quarters of a cup. I find the less sugar you add, the more you can taste the pumpkin and pie spices. That, and you’re dipping cookies and sweet fruit into this dip, so the balance is really nice if the dip itself isn’t too sweet.)

Zucchini Bread
(Again, I add a little less sugar than called for. …you will notice that this is a theme with my baking.)

Pumpkin Bread
(Trend continues. I use two and a quarter cups of sugar. Three-quarters of a cup per loaf. They turn out beautifully.)

iced-zucchini-cookies-700x1050Iced Zucchini Cookies
(They call for milk chocolate chips. When I made them I used semi-sweet, which was awesome. But! This time ’round? We’re going white chocolate. Mostly because white chocolate anything pwns me. Also? These cookies freeze really well.)

Things that look so good I absolutely have to try them. (Or. New to me recipes.)

Pumpkin-Scones-Recipe-2.jpg.pagespeed.ce.JYMWEIo3I5Spiced Pumpkin Scones

Zucchini Cupcakes
(Sept 21, 2013 Update: made these for a family dinner today. Super easy, amazingly tasty – the cupcakes themselves aren’t super sweet, so the caramel icing is a new balance – and really quite lovely, especially for the season. I might try a titch more OJ next time, but otherwise the recipe seems pretty sound!)

Chocolate Zucchini Bread
(January 12, 2014 Update: finally made this bad boy. Another easy, scrumptious recipe. Did alter it though, of course. I added two tablespoons of cocoa to the melted chocolate, which did not chocolate-ify this enough at all. I also used white chocolate chips instead of semi-sweet, because I did not have semi-sweet in the house (and I love me some white chocolate pretty hard). More than decent recipe – will make again.)

ncpumpcinncups1nm1Pumpkin Cupcakes
(October 19, 2013 Update: made these for company today. Just like the zucc cupcakes before them, these are super easy. Recipe’s golden, but I would absolutely not make a full order of that icing. I halved the recipe and still didn’t use all of it. Also, I added a tiny bit of milk to the icing, just to even things out a bit as I added icing sugar. Also, this made twenty-four cupcakes, not the twenty-two this blog mentions. All in all? Awesome recipe and the cupcakes got rave reviews from our friends, which is great because I sent most of them home with them!)

Okay. I need to start baking soon – I’m drooling.

What are your favourite pumpkin and zucchini recipes? What are your favourite autumn recipes? What is your favourite season to cook in and your favourite seasonal ingredients to cook with?

Talk to me, folks. I lovelovelove kitchen talk. Baking more than cooking, but I have been known to talk about cooking for longer than “normal,” too.

Serena Ryder – Weak In The Knees



14 thoughts on “In the kitchen: Autumn baking!

  1. I think we’d make a good cooking/baking team, because I LOVE LOVE LOVE cooking. Especially lately, I’ve been really delving into experimental things and using new ingredients in the kitchen… specifically french cooking. I think that the french are just brilliant at food! I also love some baking, but I’m slightly lactose intolerant. So I can’t really do a whole lot of baking and eat it all. And my favorite thing is cheesecake. 😦

    THOUGH. IF YOU LIKE LAVENDER… I made a lavender cheesecake with earl gray frosting recently. It is like heaven in your mouth.

    Also, zucchini and pumpkin are two of my favorites. I love a good pumpkin cheesecake and some pumpkin muffins, and I also make a kickass zucchini carrot muffin. I’m super excited to try some of the stuff you linked to above! I use my Pinterest to keep track of the recipes I really wanna bake:

    p.s. I received a Sisterhood Bloggin’ Award, and I nominated you! You don’t have to participate if you don’t want to, but I think your blog is awesome so I’m sharing the love. 🙂 Here’s the link to the post:

    • Apparently we’d make a good half-dozen different things team. I dig that.

      French cooking is not something I have ever gotten involved in. I think that’s pretty rad – what kind of foods do you cook? 🙂 What is your absolutely, 100% favourite thing to make?

      I LOVE to make cheesecake. I always volunteer for dessert duty for family dinners, especially birthday dinners, and my sister always chooses cheesecake. It makes me happy, because I never think to make it on my own. Thank you for the recipe – I’m stoked to take a close look at, and then try it! 🙂 And yes, pumpkin cheesecake (and pumpkin pie) is one of my favourite things. SUCH a winning combination!

      Also – you’re a doll. Thank you, so much, for that. 🙂 I really, really appreciate it. 🙂

      • We would make great teams of things. 😀

        I’ve been experimenting with doing different things with veggies and meats (made a lamb meatball dish the other day), and that’s been fun. I don’t know if I have a 100% favorite thing to make… but I could totally say soups. I LOVE making soups of all kinds. I make my own stock and everything.

        Cheesecake is the bomb!!! I want to try making little mini cheesecakes in a cupcake pan. I also really freaking love cupcakes. AND anything caramel. Making my own caramel is a blast.

        You are most welcome! 🙂

      • I so want to try mini cheesecakes in a cupcake pan. They just look like so much fun!

        You know? I haven’t gotten that involved in soup, but they really are fun to make, aren’t they? Now that we’re getting on to Fall, I’m going to have to start experimenting with soup considerably more! (Plus it’ll serve well when I buy into that bookstore/café. 😉 )

    • Ooh! MOAR fun things to make! Those recipes look awesome, lady – thank you. Husband would, I think, love that soup. He will appreciate that link.

      As always, I love the direction toward more baking. It’s becoming a problem. This baking addiction, I mean. I need more places to send baking away. I can’t eat all of this. Like physically. I cannot eat all of this.

      • Hahahaa! ok, ok I will give you my address. JK JK. But really, why isn’t it easier to bake just one cookie, etc? It just doesn’t taste right. It’s like it needs to bake in there surrounded by little cookie friends.

  2. Kate says:

    We have just moved back to England (from Canada) and I have spent a large chunk of my weekend searching the shops for pumpkin puree and drawn a huge blank, so since pumpkins aren’t in season yet here, my Autumn baking is on hold!

    I did make a lovely pumpkin soup last year though:

    And, am planning pies and cupcakes as soon as I can track down that elusive pumpkin!

    Kate x
    Kate at Home

    • What part of Canada? 🙂 (I’m in Northern BC.)

      I think a goal of mine is definitely to bake with pumpkin from scratch. My mother-in-law made a pumpkin pie from scratch last year (something she does frequently) and it was amazing! (The first time I had experienced non-canned pumpkin puree.) …and it didn’t look difficult to make. So I’ll have to buy a pumpkin or two this year. 🙂

      Thank you for the pumpkin soup recipe! That is awesome. 🙂 And thank you for stopping by and commenting, I really appreciate that! 🙂

    • Love that your farmers’ market people have pumpkin bread. That is awesome!

      Ooh – that is also a good size zucc. Also – that zucc bread you posted the recipe for? Looks awesome! I love the idea of cranberries in the loaf. Yes. I might have to use that recipe for some of this baking!

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