The Happiness Project: What makes me happy?

I have had a strange week. It started off pretty un-happily. (Nothing terrible. Just a little more inane drama than I cared to experience.) Thankfully it went up pretty quickly and has ended pretty wonderfully.

I started this post at the beginning (rough patch) of the week. I started this because I was unhappy and needed to change that. I needed to find a Happy. So, I figured it was a great opportunity to address Grace‘s Happiness Project. (This is, by the way, no at all related to Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project. However! That is a great book and I absolutely recommend it.)

I came across this bad boy on the Better Blogger Network (THP thread is here: clicky). It struck me immediately. I think The Secret of Life is happiness. (Well. Happiness and knowledge.) I strongly believe that we are here to learn as much as we can and accumulate as many Happies as possible. We’ve all had bad days, right? What could possibly be the point of a life without happiness? What would drive you to get out of bed if not for the pursuit of something good? I’m not saying every day is a good day, that’s silly (my Monday was a perfect case in point – though I had had some serious silver linings after my tiny meltdown that morning). But I really think that life’s meaning is happiness. (It is for me, at any rate. Happy is the only thing I want to be at the end of the day. For me and for everyone I love…and even those I don’t love so much.)


The Happiness Project.

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Part One: What makes you smile/feel good/happy?


The Husband Dude and The Little Man (and yes, The Hellhound too) make me happy. My husband is my biggest cheerleader. He supports me on my good days and my terrible days. He encourages my Crazy. He gives the best hugs. He melts my heart when he snuggles his son. And my son? He found his smile, hardcore, this week. He has a half dimple on his cheek – it’s ridiculous. His snuggles make me calm. Few things are better than TLM napping on my chest after a feeding.

My sister, too, is a huge source of happiness. She is amazing. Another cheerleader. Full of support, encouragement and laughter. We speak in sentence fragments, never having to complete a thought, because the other always knows where it was going. I love her. Best part? She has also given me a nephew and two (twin) nieces who amaze me daily.

And, thankfully, my in-laws. All of them. My parents-in-law and siblings-in-law. I have always loved them, though they’ve intimidated me on occasion (they are viciously protective of my husband, which I love), but things have just gotten better day by day. I am so grateful for these folks.


It drives me absolutely batty to write, or consider writing, sometimes. But. When I actually sit down and do it? I love it! It’s calming. It can be cathartic. It makes me feel alive. It is the best kind of stress with an outstanding reward.


Walking, in particular, is my jam. (And inline skating. Ye gads, I lovelovelove inline skating.) Certainly there’s science to support this, endorphin-wise, but exercise makes me happy. It helps me to clear my head. It helps me to work through issues, if I have issues. It gets me outside and breathing fresh air. And it’s becoming a wonderful way to spend time with TLM and The Hellhound. I love taking them out for morning walks.


Arguably, my friends are my (chosen) family. They are amazing. Seriously, I am constantly blown away by the calibre of Amazing in my life. I am privileged to call some of the most phenomenal people I will ever meet “friend.” They – like THD, Sisty and the in-laws – are so supportive, encouraging and fun! They’re honest and not afraid to tell me how it is, even if it’s not what I want to hear at that moment.

I am so grateful for all of The Amazing that exists in my life. I am truly, absolutely blessed.

The Black Keys – Never Gonna Give You Up



6 thoughts on “The Happiness Project: What makes me happy?

  1. I like the way you think! I would also recommend the movie Happy, which you can watch online for around 2USD or something. That had a massive impact on me!

    Good luck accumulating the happies!

  2. I agree with ALL of the above! When I get sad or frustrated or just stupidly angry, I sit down and write the reasons I am angry and then the things I’m grateful for. 9/10, the journal entry turns into a “I’M SO HAPPY I AM SO BLESSED” entry and I walk away feeling that much better. It’s so easy to get sucked into the little things, like if I get pulled over and get a ticket, Jacob will bring me wine for dinner and I get all the snuggles.

    Yay to knowing awesome people! Haha.

    • So true! I used to keep a gratitude journal. Every night I would write down at least five things I was thankful for in that day. It could be as simple as a good cup of coffee. If it made a positive impact, it went into the journal.

      …I should start doing that again.

      It IS easy to get sucked into the little things. You’re so right. It’s all about keeping perspective, I guess. 🙂

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