In which I have an awesome coffee date and quit Facebook.

I had an awesome coffee date this morning. Awesome. It was motivating, inspiring, enlightening and just really fucking fun.

This date was with a gal I have only just begun to connect with. I met her eons ago, when I rocked the indie bookshop gig, but we didn’t connect at that time. I was a different person back then (so was she, I suspect). This relationship wasn’t quite ready to happen then.

Thankfully, a few months ago (ish – I can’t recall the exact timeline), we started a Twitter affair. I followed her, she followed me, and we discovered many mutual interests and loves. Naturally we decided to pursue a real-life relationship and met for long-awaited pumpkin spice lattés (half-sweet, guys. Try that shit half-sweet, it’s wicked awesome). It’s a damn good job we did, this was one of those events that absolutely needed to happen in my life.

But why?

Well okay. So this chick is a fucking rockstar. Seriously. She’s one half of an amazing team planning to open an indie grocery store in town (all local, all the time – with a coffee shop. Score!), she just pwned a summer intersession teaching job at the university, she’s hugely educated and applying for PhD studies, she writes for zines, bakes pies, knits, is a bitchin’ feminist, rocks hella ink and pushes other badass ladies into boards while wearing fishnets and booty shorts. In short: she’s inspiring and I am privileged to know her.

So, it was just really fun to chat with her. While we did that (chatting thing), I realized that I absolutely need to keep writing. I need to take what I’ve done so far and add to it. I have the time, I have the ability and I really do have the motivation. I also realized that I really need to get more involved in things. I need to help, wherever I can if/when needed, with the grocery shop, I need to pester folks about writing jobs, and I need to start getting myself out there more. I’m not about the nine-to-five, so it’s about time I start figuring my shit out and living my life.

I so love when the stars align like this. And I adore that I have people like this gal in my life. I am so incredibly blessed by the calibre of people in my life. (I know how lucky I am. I do not take these folks for granted. I am so grateful for them.)

Added bonus: we discussed a mutual un-love for Facebook and have made a pact (pinky-swear included) to nix our accounts. This is something I have been considering for a long time now, Facebook being such a timesuck and bottomless pit of drama, so this was the perfect excuse to finally get it done! On the topic, it’s amazing how much better I feel. Like I said on Twitter, I’m not sure if it’s the coffee date talking, but I feel healthier. I quit Facebook a year ago, for a few months, but I left my account intact. It was more a personal challenge than anything else, but it was a great experience. I am really looking forward to disabling my Facebook page and spending that time elsewhere (preferably writing and visiting with more wonderful folks).

Good day. Very good day.

Lily Allen – Shame For You



21 thoughts on “In which I have an awesome coffee date and quit Facebook.

  1. Man, that is just…god, it’s the best. When you can find someone like that? Total SCORE. You just know you’ll be friends forever. Someday I’d like to meet you in person, too. I just know I’d end up with a blog post like this.

    • Awh. You are at least nine kinds of wonderful. 🙂 Thank you. Also? Ditto. You are a juggernaut of awesome, I would love to sit down and chat with you over bevvies (hot or liquor based)! We should probably see to it that this happens some day. 🙂

      • Ooh. I actually don’t. I’m a dirty, rotten Canuckian. So! If you’re ever in Western Canada (I’m in Northern BC), let me know. 😉 …or Western USA actually, I could swing that. Well. Heck, I could swing a lot of things. I like a great reason to take a trip!

  2. First of all, YAY AWESOME COFFEE DATE! Did you do Starbucks? I totally need to try the half sweet thing. Starbucks drinks are too much for me most times.

    Secondly, so jealous about the facebook thing. because my work is so tightly tied to my facebook, I need to have one, and I use it to promote my blog and all of my writer-ly activities. 😦 I would love to get rid of it. I didn’t have one for about six months, and it was the best ever.

    • I’ve thought about that, in terms of Facebook. While I do not, currently, have social network marketing administrative duties, I will continue to pursue them. If it comes to it, I’m going to create a new Facebook account, for admin use only.

      I love where the Facebooking time actually goes. Not always productive, but it’s nice not to have FB to deal with.

      We did Starbizz it up and yes! Half-sweet is just wonderful – they really do have super sweet bevvies, hey? Husband Dude is not a sweets kind of guy…he turned me on to the half-sweet thing. (There are certain circumstances where super sweet is appropriate though…like white hot chocolate. 😀 )

      • oh man, when I quit facebook about two years ago, I had SO MUCH MORE free time. It was amazing. Maybe someday I’ll get rid of ALL THE SOCIAL MEDIAS. That’s the dream. 🙂

        Okay, white hot chocolate is divine and definitely deserves to be super sweet! 😀 But otherwise, I’ll have to start trying the half sweet thang.

      • You are awesome. Just awesome. I’m pretty thrilled with the serendipity we hit.

        And no. Not ALL THE SOCIAL MEDIAS! Twitter is teh bizz0mb. 😉

  3. Sometimes I just love people. I know it is easy to be cynical, but there are so many good cool inspiring people. When you find a friend like that it’s awesome. I totally think that we meet people at the right time because we are supposed to learn something from each other. And with that said, I think I need to go get me a pumpkin spice latte, half-sweet.

    • “I totally think that we meet people at the right time because we are supposed to learn something from each other.”

      Yes! Exactly that. I could not agree more and feel the same way. I have said that about the end of a relationship (friendship or otherwise). It is not easy and usually not fun, but there were lessons in those relationships. Even at their worst, we will learn so much from our interactions with people.

      …you’re awesome. Thank you for commenting, I really appreciate it. 🙂

  4. Haha, totally on the same page (as you saw, and commented, thanks!).

    Also about the 9 – 5 thing, yuck. I am 9-5 and studying at the moment and it sucks but I am trying to move to a position where I can at least work part time and devote more of my energy to my love of physics and writing. It’ll happen.

    Making good connections with other people is what makes life worth living, glad you had a good coffee date 🙂

    • Yes. Part-time would be awesome. That is what I’d like to return to – I’m not really cut out for the full-time corporate life. I like my own interests much, much more.

      Physics, eh? That is awesome. And super intimidating! Physics and math were my Achilles heel(s) through school. You are badass!

      Good connections and healthy, fulfilling relationships really are huge. 🙂 Thank you. My coffee dates are almost always awesome – I am blessed with some seriously outstanding friends – but sometimes an event is just really striking.

    • Yes. Soon! My goodness, yes. (Deadlines. Fun…. Hopefully the deadlines are for mostly enjoyable writings/things.)

      You make me happy.

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