I love dreary days.

I love dreary days.

rainy-day(Image found @ Savage World)

I love waking up to the sound of rain. I love a sky of layered grey. I love the chill in the outside air and the sound of my furnace kicking in to warm the inside air.

There are no better days for reading and tea drinking than dreary, grey days. No days more suited to hunkering down with a mug of coffee to hammer out a few new words.

rainy-day-tea(Image found @ Style Pie)

19258a090016e6104e213448(Image found @ Brooklyn_sky)

rainy-day-tea(Image found @ Feet in Two Worlds)

I love sunny days. I love spending time outside on a warm summer day, chasing the nieces and nephew, walking the dog, sitting around the firepit or strolling the Farmer’s Market.

I love snowy days. I love when the sunshine hits fields of white, sending them a-sparkle. I love watching snow fall gently, covering the world in soft white.

I love stormy days. I love blizzards that white out the whole world and I love rain storms that flash lightning and crack thunder.

I love it all, but dreary, rainy days are my favourite. They inspire me. The motivate me. They comfort me.

I love dreary days.

Norah Jones – Don’t Know Why




8 thoughts on “I love dreary days.

  1. I am the same, I get way too excited about the prospect of pulling out my hunter boots and umbrella. Thunder and lightening always make me happy 🙂

    And tea always tastes best after a walk in the rain!

    • Hah! Yes. Boots and umbrella – so wonderful and fun. And tea absolutely tastes better after a stroll in the rain – good for warming the bones!

  2. Nice! I’m not usually a full-fledged supporter of dreary days, but I think you might have made me a believer. Time to bust out the loose-leaf and do something dreary-dayish!

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