5 Blog Posts: What have I learned?

I very recently happened upon Amy’s (business and) blog Lemon and Raspberry. It is a pretty wonderful, inspiring blog that I am really enjoying.

On Wednesday, Amy posted about not having as much blogging time as she would like, due to busy-ness. So, she set a prompt challenge for five posts. (Go see, I’ll wait.) I’ve been trying to figure on writing some more content, so I thought this would be a great challenge to take. Easy peasey, right? Just five posts. Once a week. I can do that.

5 blog posts(Image @ Lemon and Raspberry)

What you have learned from ________

Maybe what you have learned from your parents or your kids or living in this new town. Maybe what you have learned from doing Project Life for a year, or blogging for 5 years or a lifetime of photography. Maybe what you have learned from the last book you read, or the last movie you watched. Tongue-in-cheek or earnest and sincere – this prompt could go either way.

What have I learned from <blank>?

My <blank> is a reaction to an action. It’s a lack of communication. It’s a giant misunderstanding. It’s been hurtful and difficult. It’s a brush that has painted a much bigger picture.

So. What have I learned from <blank>?

  • That I am a good person.
  • That I am very much worth the happiness I am experiencing.
  • That I have come a long way, especially in the last few years. In terms of confidence, communication and interpersonal relationships.
  • That I don’t deserve to be treated this way. That THD doesn’t deserve to be treated this way. That my (wonderful) sister doesn’t deserve to be treated this way.
  • That I can’t accept this kind of treatment anymore. Both because I am worth so much more and because my actions teach TLM more than my words ever will.
  • That it is abuse now and has been abuse for a very long time.
  • That I have (buckets of) potential, I am talented, I am not even a little bit “average,” and you’re goddamn right I’m smart enough.
  • That I am so motivated to get a handle on my personal demons and mental incapacities so that I stand a wisp of a chance of not passing them on, or perpetuating the cycle.
  • That no, I actually am, in fact, entitled to be treated with kindness and respect and that I do not need to be so thoroughly degraded.
  • That I take responsibility for my part in all of this and that my part did not warrant any of this mistreatment. My part may have inspired a pain that breaks my heart, but did not inspire this. This is altogether so much bullshit it’s actually scary.
  • That I have an amazing support system.
  • That “they” are correct: I wouldn’t tolerate this behaviour from any work relationships or friendships, why do I tolerate it from family?
  • That I am not daughter-in-law to my husband’s parents, I am daughter.
  • That I am loved so hard by so many amazing people and that I deserve that love.
  • That I have the most amazing little dude. He brings so much joy to so many people.
  • That letting go of the pain and negativity has been essential. I can’t hold on to that. It’s unfair to me. It’s unfair to my husband. It’s unfair to our son. Life is too short.

That is the silver lining here. I have learned so much from this situation. I know so much more about myself, which has absolutely bolstered my confidence. And I understand a great deal more about my family, where I stand with them now, and where I’ve stood with them in the past. This has not been an easy lesson, but I am so thankful for it. “At least I know” has been incredibly freeing.

9aaae485fe2031b12235941f0dbaf814(Image found @ Pinterest)

eed66b8fdd20943a5d05086784d9c23d(Image found @ Pinterest)

ec26e5cff3feddd3c97a103dbed84967(Image found @ Pinterest)

c3c1f399d33507c013588327f667ad5c(Image @ thelovenotebook)

8a1735dac5a0e970bcfd6d3e3e18e717(Image @ Live Life Happy)

Big Sugar – Roads Ahead


(Yeah gaiz – this is in reference to several incidents. Not just the aforementioned. Several. So much bullshit.)


6 thoughts on “5 Blog Posts: What have I learned?

  1. You sound strong! I love it! It feels good to be sure about these things doesn’t it? Still hard lessons but so good to have clarity (especially about how well you have handled everything). Good for you. I can’t wait to read more!

    • It feels awesome to be sure of these things. So…reassuring! 😉

      I have handled things “well” only so far. I think I have a couple of conversations ahead of me, but I’m terrible with confrontation, so I have to figure that out. (That is. More conversations. There have been several already. They were…colourful…. But yeah. I know where I stand.) I also think it’s time to talk to a professional about a few things and get my shit straight. But it has been nice to sort all of this out. It’s certainly been shitty, but I refuse to dwell on that. Can’t. That would effect TLM and I absolutely won’t have that.

      (Secondary silver lining: conversations with The Husband Dude have been really interesting lately. …not that they weren’t before. Hah. Yikes!)

  2. This is a wonderful post & a great thing to be able to look back on what you’ve learned and where you are, especially when you’ve worked really hard and come really far. And it sounds amazing! I am constantly impressed by how you handle things. 🙂 And I am sure that you will continue to kick ass, despite the mistakes that we all make.

    Glad that you know where you stand and are staying there. That’s important.

    • I hope this post didn’t come off as pretentious. It’s really just more therapy than anything else. I’m not really that much of a rockstar, I just like to chalk difficult situations up to learning opportunities and try to see the lessons.

      Honestly? I’m winging it. And floundering a bit sometimes. It’s difficult to un-program yourself. I had no idea. >.<

  3. “That I have (buckets of) potential, I am talented, I am not even a little bit “average,” and you’re goddamn right I’m smart enough.” – Yes Ma’am!

    Also, I misread “mental incapacities” as “menstrual incapacities” the first time around, and was going to reassure you that you couldn’t pass that on to TLM if you wanted to! He’s lucky to have such a smart, self-aware mama!

    • Hah! Menstrual incapacities. Love. He’s a damn lucky person not to have to deal with anything menstrual on a personal basis. So not looking forward to that again.

      Thank you, Denielle. 🙂 I’m lucky to have the little gaffer – there’s a whole lot of strength inspiration hiding in that tiny ten pound body. 🙂

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