5 Blog Posts: What have I learned?

I very recently happened upon Amy’s (business and) blog Lemon and Raspberry. It is a pretty wonderful, inspiring blog that I am really enjoying.

On Wednesday, Amy posted about not having as much blogging time as she would like, due to busy-ness. So, she set a prompt challenge for five posts. (Go see, I’ll wait.) I’ve been trying to figure on writing some more content, so I thought this would be a great challenge to take. Easy peasey, right? Just five posts. Once a week. I can do that.

5 blog posts(Image @ Lemon and Raspberry)

What you have learned from ________

Maybe what you have learned from your parents or your kids or living in this new town. Maybe what you have learned from doing Project Life for a year, or blogging for 5 years or a lifetime of photography. Maybe what you have learned from the last book you read, or the last movie you watched. Tongue-in-cheek or earnest and sincere – this prompt could go either way.

What have I learned from <blank>?

This blog.

What have I learned from Go Fox Yourself?

I have learned that I need to write heavy, personal diatribes. These pieces are therapeutic and important. Writing is not just a creative outlet for me, it is also a way to express myself and work through issues. However! I have learned, through writing, publishing and then making “private” several posts, that I don’t want to host any of that here. I thought I did, three times over, and I sincerely appreciate the support I’ve received (really. You folks are just outstanding and I am so grateful that you swing by every now and then), but then I  felt, shortly after posting, very uncomfortable. I want to say that this isn’t a self-censorship issue, but that it’s just so fucking negative. And kind of boring.

I want this blog to be fun. And expressive in a more creative way. I want it to be an outlet for personal essays, creative writing (who knew that would happen? So weird. And awesome) and surveys (natch).

I have learned that I absolutely need to write about things that bother me, but that I need to do it in a private, journalistic way (and should probably keep it to a journal. I have one and it’s lovely, high time I use it). I have learned that this is a place to splash a little colour, get a little zany and explore my writerly side.

And now for something completely different:

World Domination Turtle(Image @ 9GAG)

GusGus – Thin Ice



6 thoughts on “5 Blog Posts: What have I learned?

  1. Turtle is adorable. And having a blog definitely teaches you things. Surprisingly, it taught me to be able to be vulnerable and real in a very public place, which was a really great lesson. I was quite shocked at the positive support I got when I first was very vulnerable and real. It just proved that that’s exactly where my strength lies in writing.

    To having awesome blogs! Cheers! 🙂

    • That is a very fair, and awesome point. I want to be vulnerable, but in terms of *me.* I’m tired of dwelling on the Other things. I need to put myself out there. I strive to prove that I (also) have strength in writing. 🙂

      Damn right. Awesome blogs! *Raises a glass.*

      • Oh, don’t get me wrong, there is a huge difference with being vulnerable and sharing shit that you should’ve seriously put into a journal. And I often find that being vulnerable happens most in my creative writing, whether it be non-fiction or fiction. 🙂

        Can’t wait to read more of your writing, too! You have a great voice!

  2. I totally get it. I think about deleting my blog pretty much every day. For me, it’s hard to strike that balance of too personal and not personal enough for there even to be a point of writing the darned thing.

    In the very beginning I was focused more on recording the beginnings of my life with baby. And as time goes on I’m finding I would rather use my blog as a place to tell the truth about some of the secret things about motherhood I wish people would talk about more. Plus single mom tips. Which are pretty much any mom tips?

    Anyway, suffice it to say I’m still figuring out pretty much everything in my life right now. Including the blog. 😉

    Looking forward to reading more of anything you post!

    • Hah. Yes. I’ve already left a blog behind. It really is a funny thing, isn’t it? Balance though. You’re right, balance is the key there.

      I love your blog. It’s been very helpful, and (of course) a joy to read. It’s neat to read along with you – your tiny person is not that much older than mine. It’s fun to have people blaze a trail for me. 😉

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