Autumn List.

Okay. Time for some fun.

The lovely Zie posted this on her blog Darling Dear. I dug it, so let’s plot my favourite season (this will not be monthly. But it may be seasonal…if I remember that I want to do this. …another reason why I need that agenda to arrive)!


Red tree(Image @ Evgeni Dinev)

Playlist: Norah Jones. The Black Keys. Renee Olstead. Matt Dusk. Cole Porter. Probably also a little Serena Ryder.

Movies: We just picked up The Lord of the Rings boxed set and The Little Mermaid, so those. Seasonally, I’m going to try to get through a few in the Nightmare on Elm Street series (I love Freddy Krueger. Hard).

Books: I would like to read Popcorn to TLM (one of my all-time favourite children’s books). For me, it’s going to be a very Harry Potter Autumn.

Adventures outside: Walks. Target shooting. Outside playtime with The Hellhound. Probably a bit of exploring when we visit The Farm at the end of the month.

Adventures inside: NaNoWriMo. Adventures in Harry Potterland. I’d like to try to start some holiday (Christmas) baking. And I should get rid of some more of that zucc I mentioned earlier…and the incredibly quantity of banana in my freezer.

Smells & Flavors: Cinnamon. Apple. Pumpkin. Cranberry. Orange. Vanilla. Coffee – lots and lots of coffee. Earl grey tea (hot). Banana (bread).

Sounds: The soft crunch of frosted grass, whispered breath of Jack Frost, and hopefully another few drizzles before the snow starts.

Happy Autumn, folks. Have a lovely PSL season.

World with Octobers(Image @ dearfriendblog)

Bush – Swallowed



14 thoughts on “Autumn List.

  1. Good luck with NaNoWriMo! I am starting to get jitters, I have no idea where its going to fit in with my work/study life.

    Autumn/Fall is my favorite fashion and jackets all the way. Also Chai Tea Latte’s.

    It seems like a lot of people are rereading Harry Potter at the moment, I need to at some point but my reading this already takes me through Christmas. So much to read, so little time!

    • I am thankful for my mat leave for this NaNo – I’ve never tried it (seriously) before, it will be nice to not have work stress as well as writing stress. I wish you all kinds of luck…and I’m psyched to be following you on Twitter for NaNo (and everything else) now, too! NaNo tweets are inspiring.

      Chai latté! Yes. That is what I intend to order on my “coffee” date this morning. So stoked. And my Potter re-read has less to do with “OMG! Favourite series EVAR!” and more to do with “okay guys. I’ll try again and hope I can see what all of the fuss is about.” 😉 And yes, you really do have a lot of reading. It’s seriously impressive!

    • Hah! It’s fun! I’ll make notes on our next trip out and write about it for you! (I made The Husband pretty proud with my last groupings. So awesome.)

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