If I Grow Up.

What do you know about  my career life? I know I’ve mentioned that my job is not thoroughly fulfilling. It’s a good job, but it’s not The Job. I don’t intend for it to be my Forever Job. Now, because I’m not super thrilled with my current professional life I have an awesome opportunity to daydream about the things I would love to do if I ever actually grow up. This goes hand-in-hand with one of my favourite games to play, “money and time don’t matter – annnnnnnnd go!”

These are my top four. If neither money nor time were issues, these are the things I would love to do.

1) Ye Olde Bookshop

We have a pretty amazing little indie bookshop here in town. It has a pretty amazing little indie coffee shop built in. Both of these businesses bring in a pretty amazing little crowd of customers.

I used to work there. When I started working there, The Dream was to open my own indie bookshop someday. I was so excited to have the opportunity to learn about the business so that I might someday rock my own Something Similar. That dream faded slightly for a few years, and I was really content to just work in the bookstore. Thankfully The Dream has returned, and if I ever win $50M in the lottery my third purchase (after a new truck and a big ol’ chunk of property upon which my husband will drive machines, because grownups need sandboxes, too) will be this exact bookshop. I love this store and I have Ideas for it.

2) Nurse/Doula/Midwife

I love pregnancy. I love labour and delivery. I think the whole baby process is absolutely fascinating and I would very much like to help women through it.

I want to take a nursing (degree) program. When I am a nurse, or while I am studying, I would like to become a doula. After I have become both a nurse and doula, I would like to train to become a midwife.

Of course I can do any of these things on their own and I am strongly considering taking doula training on the soon side as it is most time and cost effective (the only down side is that I have a nine-to-five job and will not be able to be on call for these pregnant ladies, so I will have the training, but no opportunity to use it), but I would really like to do ALL OF THE THINGS. I think it would be fun, productive, fulfilling, and incredibly interesting. (And yes, possibly also heartbreaking. Of course there is heartbreak associated with pregnancy, labour and delivery from time to time. I would be honoured to be there to help, and offer any comfort that I can, through awful tragedy.)

3) Social Networker Extraordinaire

I love social networking. I think it is just a brilliant digital landscape. I would love, very much, to help (local) businesses build and maintain their online presence.

I love to tweet. The Twitter is my favourite of the social media platforms. It is fun, feisty, and dynamic. And, while we don’t get along on a personal level, I love Facebook for professional use. I have a bit of experience working with both Twitter and Facebook on a professional level (I helped to build, and then maintain, the social media platforms for that aforementioned local bookshop I’d like to own and operate) and would very much like to continue to do that.

It should be noted that this one does not require the large amounts of time and money that the others do. So hey, indie business folks? Let me pwn your social media for you!

4) Writer

Just like Social Networker Extraordinaire, this one doesn’t really belong on the “if I had a million dollars” list of things I want to do. But it is something I want to do, so it makes the list!

I want to write. Novels, maybe. Essays, probably. Articles for blogs/magazines/whatthefuckever, absolutely.

Writing is my jam. I tend to forget just how jacked I feel when I get some truly great creatively productive time into my day. Honestly, it’s the way I feel after an arduous hike, or an hour of skating around the park. My body feels great, my brain feels great and my soul is nourished. This is why writing is always on the To Do list. (I just tend to put it last, even after washing the dishes, for no good gorram reason.)

I want to write. I need to write. Writing feeds my soul like few other things.

There. My top four Dream Jobs. These are the things I will do if I win the lottery. (Well, with the exception of those last two. I can do those last two today.)

What about you? If money and time were not cockblocking you, what would you do? What do you want to be if you grow up?

BNL – If I Had $50M $1M


Edit. (11/03/14) My husband, shortly after reading this, sat me down for a very serious conversation about education yesterday. He urged that, as soon as I return to work, I start looking into taking courses for the Nursing program. I love him. He’s so wonderful and supportive and encouraging (of absolutely all of my mad schemes). I am so lucky (and so grateful).


19 thoughts on “If I Grow Up.

    • I have had an annoying day. This comment made me smile pretty big. Thank you, Alyx. I really appreciate you.

      And “lol” aside, count me in!

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this. You’ve captured two of my own personal dream jobs—Bookstore and Writer. I’m gonna have to throw Librarian in mine, if it wasn’t a dying job (wahhhhh) and if I didn’t need to get a Master’s AND I could work wherever I wanted.

    I work in social media currently. It’s great—EXCEPT for the fact that social media never sleeps. It’s making me rethink my life choices a little.

    • Hah! Yes. Bookshop and writer. Natch, lady!

      Oh. Librarian. Yes. That would be so wonderful, too. If money and time were off the table, the Masters would be a huge part of The Awesome. Alas they are not and because of that, I totally agree.

      It really doesn’t, does it? That is both super interesting and, yes, really difficult. I’d like to step into local business social media, which would make things a bit less go!go!go!, but you’re right, it’s a lot to keep up with. 🙂

  2. Excellent post! I hope you’re able to fulfill one of these dreams some day =)

    One of my dreams is to own a bookshop/cafe called ‘The Witches’ Brew’.

    Another dream is to go to Tokyo [currently saving up!], become either a fashion model OR work for a fashion/music magazine, and shop a lot =)!

    • Thank you so much for the read and comment! 🙂

      LOVE! I just love you folks who are on board with the bookshop dream. So fun! I hope your dreams come true, too. They’re awesome and totally doable! 🙂

  3. book store & a writer – those two are mine as well, although my would be a library/bookstore as I think people should be able to borrow books if they can’t afford to buy.

    hope your dreams come true. have a great day.

    • I love all of you cats who are right there with me on bookshop ownership and writing! So much literary awesomeness.

      Thank you, lissa. Back atcha! 🙂

  4. Yay bookshop! That would be such a great place for The Little Man to grow up in too. Though, having a well-read mums, who is dedicated to reading and writing is worth more than a million x 50!

    I would just like 50 million so that I could continue doing what I do without having to worry about money!

    • There is mostly that, yes. Honestly? The $50M would afford me the ability to just have time. (In the “I don’t have to work anymore” way. I know, I know…well MAKE time, Kim! Hah. Ain’t nobody got time fo’ that.)

      Hah! Can you imagine growing up in the bookshop life? Like JB’s kidlets. Awh! So fun. And magical. But! Also yes, reading is infinitely more important and we certainly do a lot of that! Poor TLM.. So many books thrust upon him. (My luck, he’s going to hate books and be ALL about gaming. Good grief.)

  5. Ugg, I wouldn’t want to own a bookshop – but I’d love to merch/order for one! I just want someone to give me a budget and say “Play!”, but I wouldn’t have to worry about staffing/customers…unless they were awesome. then maybe I be more socially involved.
    Otherwise, I’d own a fly-in fishing lodge and hire a guide who will teach me the in’s and out’s of that particular lake the lodge would of course be located on. And in the winter, skiing, snowshoeing…birdwatching sessions at peak migration times, wildlife guided tours (hunting-less preferably).
    I’d actually love to set up a wild bird rescue centre in the Peeg. There are so many endangered birds, especially raptors, in this area that get hit by logging trucks and die on the side of the road ’cause there’s no close spot to take them – they usually never survive the trip into town, then the flight to an actual trained bird centre in a larger city. Those birds that can’t be released back into the wild will become celebrities for local bird enthusiasts, tour schools, host visiting days, teach people about conservation.

    • You’re in! (But then, we’ve already established that.)

      I love your Dream Jobs. Those are awesome, awesome things. I will visit your fishing lodge. Absolutely. And the wild bird rescue. GREAT idea. Ugh. If only the right people had the right support at the right time.

  6. suzymmarie says:

    Aside from the doula/midwife thing, we have pretty similar ideas about what we’d want to do! I always wanted to have my own florist and tea rooms combination so I’d definitely love to set up my own business if money and time weren’t an object 🙂 Great list!

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