Spring List.

Play it again, Sam.

(As with Autumn and Winter.)


Spring Tree(Image @ Fine Arts Feedbag)

Playlist: We’re going to re-roll Winter’s playlist and go with the club-y tunes. The “Walking” playlist on my iPod is going to get a lot of use. If it’s dance-able, I’m in! (Makes it easier to get out and get moving.)

Movies: Frozen and Maleficent. I would love to watch Frozen this weekend and will make my movie theatre return with Maleficent. (You in, Sisty?)

Books: Currently, Middlesex. And then? My epic re-read of the Harry Potter series. (Not for reasons you think. I’m not like you. I don’t love this series, or Rowling. I’m re-reading it to a) finish it (Order of the Phoenix pissed me off and I just squeaked through The Half-Blood Prince), and b) see if I can’t finally understand exactly what I’m “missing.” I promise to read it with an open mind. I would really like to fall in love with the series. This is a post for a different time, though. I’ll tell you all about why I don’t love Harry Potter and his Rowling after I’ve finished Middlesex.)

Adventures outside: I bought a pair of inline skates (more on that later, too) on the weekend! Along with getting my walk back on more regularly (thank you, sunshine!), I am so excited for some more snow to melt and the City sweepers to get out so I can strap some wheels onto my feet again! (I fell back in love with inline skating in 2012 and then, because of an incubating TLM, could not get out last summer.)

Adventures inside: Sitting. Rolling. Scooting. Crawling. TLM, guys. This dude is growing so fast! We’re going to see a lot of nifty things snowball from here on in. (Look out, Hellhound!)

Smells & Flavors: Snow melting in the sunshine, Spring blooms, strawberries, lemon bread and squares, (MOAR) coffee, (even MOAR) tea, and gin (because obviously).

Sounds: Birds, baby giggles, talking and singing toys, and lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) – because we’re hoping to take a trip, which will include a zoo visit.

Happy Spring, folks!

LFO – Summer Girls (I know, but it’s in my head for whatever reason.)



12 thoughts on “Spring List.

  1. I love all of this! 🙂

    Also, I will still love you if you don’t like Harry Potter. We can still be friends. 😉 Regardless, I can see how Order of the Phoenix irked you, but the 7th book is my personal favorite!

    Big fat yes to coffee and gin (separately, though).

    • You made me laugh out loud. (And then I said “I love her.”) Fucking hilarious. Coffee and gin. Separately. Yes!

      Haha! I’m glad. I feel like it will be a very interesting study! Seriously though, I will enter in with an open mind. I WANT to enjoy it.

      THANK YOU!

    • Hah! Thank you! I’ll try to get my read on a bit faster this time ’round. The last book I read (The Night Circus) took me eons to finish.

  2. Yes to gin. Yes to alcohol. I don’t drink as much as I’d like (sounds weird, I know), but I am a bit of a whiskey nut. My husband and I infuse it with fruit and it’s divine. Sounds fancy but it’s really just throwing fruit and booze in a jar!

    Gin reminds me of The Great Gatsby. Hot days, call for it, I think. 😉

    xx, C

    • I’m the same. For all I talk/write about liquor, sometimes, I really don’t drink a lot of it (even before The Little Man). But yesyesyes – gin on a hot day! In cranberry juice with a bit of lime is my favourite. Ohh. Or in lemonade.

      Also? Fruit and whiskey. That sounds pretty fantastic! I might have to try that this summer. Yes!

    • inorite?! So much waiting. And me without a lick of patience. Awful!

      Hah! I LOVE lemon things. Husband LOVELOVELOVES lemon things. It’s a great relationship. (In fact! Made mini-cheesecakes for my sister’s birthday dinner this evening and will be pairing them with a lemon and blueberry sauce that I’m super stoked on!)

      Hah! Yes. All of The Vices required for great art. 😉

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