Currently: June

Let’s rock one of those fun Currently lists, shall we? Because why not.

Watching: Frozen. Finally. I’ve only owned it since it was released in March.

Reading: The Birth Partner (Simkin) and The Doula Book (Klaus). I am trying to work through the reading list for DONA (birth) doula certification, so I can be all kinds of prepared when we get the course through town again.

Listening to: Mötley Crüe – Kickstart My Heart

Thinking about: my Magnum Opus. I started it yesterday afternoon and while it isn’t coming as easily today, I have been compounding thoughts, notes and research, which has been really fun.

Making: cookies, banana-carrot bread, chocolate cake (I like to bake for new baby mommas. It makes me feel like I’m being helpful), progress in doula book learning, and headway in “novel” writing.

Planning: so many things.

Feeling: good. Inspired. Hopeful. Creative. Productive.

Loving: that three new teacup humans were born, super healthy, to three amazing women (who are all doing just great) this weekend. All three of “my” June babies came this weekend! I’m just so chuffed, guys.

(I got to cuddle one of them, forty-eight hours after he was born. What a special privilege!)

Looking forward to: finally being able to share a(nother) project I’ve started. It’s not ready yet, but it’s getting there and I’m still jacked about it, which makes me happy.

What are you doing right now? TELL ME!

KISS – Domino



9 thoughts on “Currently: June

  1. Love all of this!! And outlining and brainstorming is JUST as important for your MO as actually writing it is. 🙂 Never discount that. You rock!!

    I am currently…. working. But tonight I have tea with a friend and go to bed early with some Game of Thrones.

    • GoT book, of TV show?

      Yay tea date! Yes. So fun. Enjoy the heck out of that, Lovely!

      And yes, brainstorming IS important. And fun and EVERYTHING. I’m pretty stoked on The MO, dude. I’m so excited that it’s still A Thing that is happening.

  2. suzymmarie says:

    Please can you come and make cake for me?! I’m not planning to birth anything anytime soon but it is my birthday shortly if that counts? 🙂

    • You! Love this, thank you. I love your list. 🙂

      Hah! I have always enjoyed baking. When I was younger it was ALL cookies, all the time. But I’ve really enjoyed learning new things (like pastry. Pies dude, all the pies. I totally channel my inner Dean Winchester) in the last few years. It’s like writing (and, currently, reading birth books), it’s my happy, calm place. Baking gives me that zen calm. (Cooking does not. Cooking is a necessity. I don’t hate it, but I’m usually pretty “meh” about the whole thing.)

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