Survey says: The Liebster Award

Okay! The lovely and talented Angie at Lariats and Lavender recently gave me the honour of a Liebster nomination. (You can see her blog post, and answers to her questions here: The Liebster Award.)Thank you, Angie! I can’t even tell you how surprised and grateful I am for your readership. I think you’re wicked keen Lovely, and I am forever thankful to have found your blog a few years back. You’re so gentle and kind, but fierce and protective. I just enjoy the shit out of you.

The Liebster.

What I’m supposed to do is answer Angie’s questions, write my own questions and then tag other bloggers to do the same. (Like a chain letter, exactly.) What I’m going to do is answer Angie’s questions. Full stop. Because I love to fill out surveys, but I’m absolute shit at thinking up questions for them.

If you’re looking for new blogs to follow, which is kind of the point of the Libester game, visit my Bloglovin’ profile. I follow some seriously amazing ladies and gentlemen and would recommend all of them in a heartbeat!

(Sorry Angie. I’m really bad for following the rules on these things!)

And now? The Survey!

1. What is one food and or drink that you purchase every time you go grocery shopping?
Milk. I always buy milk. Homo. (Real mature, Bradley.) Husband actually drinks milk, I just use it for tea. If I was going to drink it (or use it in cereal), I would buy skim.

2. What is your favourite clothing brand?
Cheap. But seriously? I don’t brand shop. I usually Costco shop. They have great deals on hoodies at Costco, and I live in hoodies. (I have a month and a half of this lifestyle left, and then I have to go back to dress pants and blouses. LAME.)

3. If you could recommend one place that everyone should visit, what would that place be?
Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia. And also Halifax, Nova Scotia. But Peggy’s Cove is one of the most amazing, beautiful and inspiring places I have ever visited. I could sit out on those rocks for a very, very long time, contemplating life and dreaming dreams.

4. Describe your perfect day:
Off. My perfect day is a day off. I get to wake up with my family, cuddle TLM and The Husband in bed before getting up. I would bake something (probably muffins) for breakfast, because I love to bake, which would be paired with coffee (and Baileys, because I’m hard to the kizz’ore, y0). I would take The Hellhound for a walk, because it clears my head and is so good for both of us. And then, with any luck, I would leave TLM with his daddy and go on an Artist Date with my laptop and Magnum Opus. After that? Something awesome for dinner, a tub with Food Network Magazine and a small dish of ice cream, and Veronica Mars (or Doctor Who) before bed. I’m simple, guys. My day-to-day can be pretty perfect.

5. Whose blog did you last read?
Stephanie’s Wanderlust & Stationary. I just stumbled across it and I’m pretty excited. Because pens, notebooks and highlighters (oh my!), obviously.

6. It’s a stormy day, what do you do?
Go into labour.

BUT SERIOUSLY. I watch. I hole up, with a hot beverage, near a window and I watch the rain pour down.

(I did go into labour with TLM at the beginning of a particularly badass storm last summer, though. I’ve always loved rain storms, but now they put me at a completely different kind of peace.)

7. What is your favourite episode of your favourite series?
TNG: Schisms. Say what you will, but I have always loved this episode. Next Gen tickles me in all the right places (Will Riker, amirite?) and I have always had a soft spot for creepy alien abduction stories. I just really fucking love Schisms.

8. When do you feel your best, morning, afternoon, evening or night?
Morning. I am absolutely a morning person and get my best work done before 1000h.

9. If you could spend a week with one exotic animal, which animal would that be?
Fox. (Do foxes count as exotic…?)

10. I’m planning on going to the library, and I’d like a novel or manga recommendation (heh, is this cheating?) Nothing sappy! What do you recommend?
Charles de Lint – Someplace To Be Flying

11. Finally, your weapon of choice during a zombie apocalypse?
Semi-automatic shotgun.

Now you. Do this. It’s a great survey and I want to read your answers! Do it. …and then link back.

KISS – Lick It Up



7 thoughts on “Survey says: The Liebster Award

  1. So much goodness in this post. 🙂 Surveys are fun! I might do another one sometime soon… maybe I will steal this one ❤

    STELLAR novel suggestion. Also wonderful perfect day.

    Also, I neverrrrrrr buy milk. Actually I really don't buy beverages much at the store, probably because I grew up no-dairy and do not enjoy pop in the least (unless it's root beer… but that's a treat).

    Anyway, I love reading these. 🙂 You are too wonderful. ❤

    • You should fill it out, too! Yes. Do eet.

      de Lint. RIGHT? Yes. ESPECIALLY that one. So. Great. (I want to live in Newford. Is that asking too much? I don’t think so.)

      I’m not a huge soda person either, but I do love me some Dr. Pepper. HOWEVER! When I was pregnant. It was ALL rootbeer. (When I wanted soda, which wasn’t ALLTHETIME, but it was only rootbeer. So weird.)

      • I will live in Newford, gladly. Let’s go, please. 🙂 (I also love that you picked Someplace to be Flying—one of my all time favs of his)

        LOL pregnancy cravings are fascinating. And root beer is amazing so I don’t blame you!

    • You know, that is one of my favourite things in the whole world? I just love when someone tells me that they saw foxes and then thought of me. I can’t even describe the feeling it gives me. 🙂 Thank you.

  2. I have been busy checking out your blog this evening. You, my dear, are stellar. You deserve 24900 more of these awards. 🙂

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