Summer List.

We’ve come full circle!


And now (a tiny bit late)….


Summer tree(Image found @

Playlist: Southern (dirty) rock. I love me some classic rock almost always, but there’s something about summer that just screams Southern rock. It’s perfect. Even Kid Rock can do it for me on a sun-shiny day, and I feel about Kid Rock the way I feel about Chad Kroeger.

Movies: I’m playing catch-up with my Netflix list. There are so many things I would really like to watch, including (but certainly not limited to) Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, 21, The Heat, The Hunt, it’s a girl, The Road, and a (metric) shit-tonne of TV shows. (I need to cancel my cable. I don’t need cable.)

Books: The Birth Partner (Simkin), The Doula Book (Klaus), Birth Matters (Gaskin), and Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore (Sloan) (for the NovelTea Summer Book Club – w00t). I also have to get back into Middlesex (Eugenides), and I have not yet started my Harry Potter re-read. I will never finish all of the books I mean to finish. This is a legacy I can accept.

Adventures outside: walking! TLM, The Hellhound and I get out for good neighbourhood walks at least five days a week, which has been super awesome. I would like to get my hike on a bit more, and work my Rollerblades in a few more times before the snow flies.

Adventures inside: reading. As you have seen, I’m doing a lot of reading between book club, general interest and an attempt to get all of the (birth) doula pre-reading done. Also writing. I have embarked on a big ol’ project that I’d like to make some serious headway on before I have to go back to work next month (UGH). There’s also baking. I recently picked up Sally’s Baking Addiction (McKenney) and seriously, I need to bake ALL THE THINGS. I am in love with this book and super motivated to cook my way through the entirety of it (which, aside from the The Looneyspoons Collection (Podleski), is not something that happens to me with cookbooks).

Smells & Flavors: citrus, rain, freshly cut grass, ALL THE BAKING, (firepit) smoke, sangria, gin, and barbeque.

Sounds: squealing kidlets, giggling babies, barking dogs, crackling fires, buzzing mosquitos, and water lapping over a beach of pebbles.

Happy summer, folks! I hope you all enjoyed your Canada Day and Independence Day celebrations, as well as just generally enjoying June and July, so far.

Renee Olstead – Summertime



14 thoughts on “Summer List.

  1. You are so busy!!! I love this. Baking, reading, writing, walking—those are ingredients for perfection, I swear. I’ve been doing a lot of writing and I’m about to switch gears for some reading (and… ahem… Buffy marathons).

    • Perfection, or damn near. 🙂 Thank you. Yes!

      I love how much writing you’ve been doing, and I can totally see the need/want to slow down and switch gears for a half second. Whatcha reading? And also Buffy. YES. Where are you now?!

      • I’m nearing the end of season 5!!!! Ahhh!!!

        I am currently reading The Mists of Avalon, by Marion Zimmer Bradley. Have you read? After I finish that, it’ll be back to GoT for the second book, and probably a YA novel up in there. 🙂 But yeah… so much writing means a reading break needs to happen!

      • I have not read that, but I have heard amazing things about it. I’ll add it to the maybesomeday list. 😉 (Too. Many. Books!) Ooh. I’m reading Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore for book club, have you read it? It’s actually a really fun read. I totally dig the author’s style.

        Season five! Not my favourite season, but the finale for that one is awesome. AWESOME. Awh. Buffy re-watch. YES. So good!

  2. Way to go with the walking 5 times a week! I’ve been getting my hike on often enough, but I’d like to get add some more regular walking into the mix.

    Is it the Uni your heading back to?

    • I would reallyreallyreally like to get my hike on this summer, but I’m not sure it’s going to happen. (Which is really funny to type this early in the summer, but I know that hiking is not in my routine and I’m ALL about routine.) You should! The River Walk is some kind of beautiful. (If you’re in The Peeg, The Dude and I would totally accompany you on a random walk.)

      It is the uni, yup! August 18th. Joy….

  3. Thank you for coming by and checking out my blog. I had to return the favour so here I am. 🙂

    First thing, when I saw the name of your blog I laughed out loud (literally) and woke up my cousin. (He shouldn’t still be sleeping anyway!!) Secondly, love your list…I’m mostly looking forward to being outside…exploring Trinidad and working on my blog. (I’ve got my priorities in order, don’t ya think?) Thirdly, I am definitely gonna be back. 🙂

    • Awh! Thank you, Tami.

      (Point: as soon as I had commented, I followed you on Bloglovin’. Because obviously, that’s why.)

      Haha! Glad you dig the blog name. 🙂 That pretty much made my whole day, thank you. And yes! Those priorities are totally in order. Trinidad. That’s awesome and I can’t wait to read about it. 🙂

  4. Love, love All Summer Long! And woohoo to an HP reread. I would love to reread the series (for the umpteenth time, ha) but I don’t have enough hours in my days. Sigh.

    • Hours in the day. Right!? Yeah, it’s a lofty goal and may take me about thirteen years. I actually thought I might start reading them out loud to The Dude at night. That way? Storytime AND I get to re-read them. Plus, APPARENTLY Harry Potter is great for kids. Start ’em young! 😉

    • Hah! Right? I got cable because the deal was really good and we bundled the channels, our internet and telephone (I might be one of five people life on the planet with a landline), but I may have to cancel. It’s just not worth it. I vastly prefer Netflix (because Veronica Mars, obviously).

      Thank you! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, too. (I’ve been reading your blog, after “discovering” it via the book club, and I love it! So stoked to read more.)

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