I had dinner with a very dear friend the other week. While we were chatting, over great pub fare, the subject of life, change and the last twelve months came up.

It’s no secret that, with some obvious and wonderful exceptions, this last year has been less-than-fun for me and my family. Unfortunately, my friend has had a similar year full of too many downs. There is a silver lining, though. We’ve both learned a lot. About life, communication, support and encouragement, and (most importantly) ourselves.

So! Because there’s no time quite like the present, we decided to take stock of our current lives and then think about where we wanted to go from here. A One Year Plan, so to speak. I decided that I would post my list here, because if I’m going to write it down anyway, I might as well share it with you folks and get some more insight, if you have some to share.

Where am I now?

  • I have broken ground on my Magnum Opus.
  • I have started the reading necessary to certify as a birth doula.
  • My husband and I have started a massive re-org of our lives. (Clutter, physical and non, is the bane of my current existence.)
  • I work a full time management and buying position.
  • I freelance write and advertise, on-the-side, for a local (indie) bookshop.
  • I am walking, skating and eating (a bit more) cleanly en route to a healthier me (who will be able to better keep up with an increasingly more active TLM).
  • I have several unhealthy relationships, and some bruised relationships in my life. As a result of some of the hard times we’ve faced, and personal demons that I have allowed to consume too much of my time and energy.

Where would I like to be?

  • I would like to have finished the first draft of my MO.
  • I would like to have either completed, or signed up for the doula certification course. (Depending on timeframes.)
  • I would like to have looked into and decided how I feel about Bereavement Doula training and certification.
  • If I have completed the doula course, I would like to have attended at least one birth.
  • I would like to take a photography course.
  • I would like to have researched and made a decision about Healing Touch training and certification.
  • I would like to see my basement organized, and unnecessary clutter purged from my life. (Ideally, I will donate/give away the things I don’t need. I hate garage sales and would be loathe to host one, and I would vastly prefer that things that I no longer need go to people who do need, or can use, them.)
  • I would like to transition into a part-time employment position, both to set myself up for more opportunity to freelance write/consult and become more involved in the doula community, and also (more importantly) to spend as much time as possible with my family. (It would be nice to go into any future maternity leave scenarios in a part-time work capacity.)
  • I would like to pick up a few more writing and social media gigs for local businesses (on a paid, or pro-bono basis. I would love to build my portfolio up and help the community I’m passionate about).
  • I would like to make time to go back to the gym so I can tone and build muscle and continue my health and fitness rockfest. (Not in a Maria Kang way though. Because obviously.)
  • I would like to evaluate my relationships. Some of them are toxic and need to end. Some of them I need to put some serious elbow grease into. I would like to pluck the strangling weeds and nourish the wilting flowers (I really did just write that. inorite?). I would also like to take care of myself. Ending relationships, even toxic ones, is not easy and my psyche is already a bit damaged. I need to remember that it is okay to look out for me, and that I am not doing anything without a great deal of consideration and study.

As I continue to consider this, I will add to and edit it, but this is my start.

I know a few of you are at a similar place in your lives, re-evaluating and editing things in your lives. How are you coping with it? Do you have support? How are you prioritizing your (new) life?

The Jeff Healey Band – Angel Eyes



4 thoughts on “Roadmap.

  1. I love all of your goals. I think that they are great. I love making little goals for myself like this—I might join in the fun (not sure if I’ll make it a blog post, though).

    I love the goal for your MO. I love the doula stuff. I love the relationships part. As you very well know, I’ve been re-prioritizing and reorganizing quite a bit. It’s been a slow, messy process, but I’m finally starting to put things together. Jacob has been an incredible support system—by supporting me but also challenging me. My friends, too (like you!) have been invaluable. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by great people who respect and understand what I am going through.

    ❤ Much love to you (and your journey). You're rockin' it!

    • Yes! Absolutely you should make a list. …I love to make lists. I’m not sure if it’s the linear-ness of making lists, or the crossing things off as I complete them that pleases me more, to be honest.

      I am excited about the things on my list. Every time I get less-than-thrilled with things in life, I think about my plans and very real, very achievable goals and it helps. They’re big goals, but I’m a BAMF and I will absolutely make this shit happen as best as I can. And holy wow yes. The support and encouragement of amazing people (LIKE YOU!) is amazing. It’s the main reason I have survived this year the way that I have. I am so thankful for the wonderful people in my life. ❤

      • Um, of course you are a BAMF. Lists like this are great because it’s too easy to get caught up in very little (very frustrating) things, but these sort of lists can pull you back in and remind you of what’s important to you 🙂

        Anyway, YOU ARE AWESOME. And I completely agree with that sentiment (both that I am awesome and that wonderful people make the world go around).

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