Currently: (end of) August

I’m neglecting my blog. I want to write something, but I’m not sure what yet, so I’m going to waste some space with a Currently.

Watching: Orange Is the New Black, Nashville and Doctor Who

Reading: The Mindful Way Through Depression (Williams et al.), The Five Love Languages (Chapman), and just finishing Running On Empty (Webb). (Still slogging through the pregnancy and birth books from last time, too. I keep switching gears.)

Listening to: KISS – Domino

Thinking about: life. My maternity leave ended last week, so I’ve been thinking a lot about where my life is and where I’d like it to be. Returning to work has further clarified my priority review. It’s been a really neat process that way. I can tell you a lot of what I do want and what I do not want out of life in so many areas.

Making: story plans, (MOAR) cookies, muffins, quick breads, and maybe cupcakes. Maybe. (Probably.) Because I have so much zucchini in my freezer and, as we know, it’s one of my favourite things to bake with. (I lovelovelove Autumn baking. Zucchini, pumpkin, carrot, apple. And the spices! I love this time of year. So hard.)

Planning: stories. I am also starting to plan my days. Now that I’ve sussed out a back-to-work routine between getting ready, dropping TLM off for care, working, coming home, dinner, and bed, I can start to plot where to fit writing and exercise. These are both wagons I’ve fallen off of and need to get back on (for mental health reasons, if nothing else).

Feeling: okay. Today was a really great day, so that’s helped my mood a lot. I’ve been a little off kilter these last few weeks though. Going back to work has been an adjustment, and I’ve been facing other things again. (Always. Other things always fucking crop up. I’m tired of it, guys.)

Loving: my husband. My biggest, most encouraging support system. And our son. That little man amazes me every single day. I’m so honoured to be his momma.

Looking forward to: the rest of this Labour Day long weekend. I have to work a few hours tomorrow, but otherwise I’m free and clear and excited to hang out with my two favourite men. …I’m also looking forward to a PSL on Tuesday. BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY, GUYS.

What are you doing right now? Inquiring minds want to know.

KISS – God of Thunder (Country Version) (I know, but seriously. It makes me happy.)



7 thoughts on “Currently: (end of) August

  1. erinnova says:

    I imagine the back to work routine is hard, I used to have my nephew stay with me a LOT and I felt like I didn’t get to sit down until about 10pm very day! Great that your husband supports you and hopefully you can get a little you time for writing and exercise 🙂

    • It is and it isn’t. I resist it because I’d rather not be going back to work (TLM is more fun than work), but it’s okay. That 10pm thing, though. Yes. You’re right, that does make things more difficult. I have to factor in husband time AND me time and weigh the importance of each. Life would be so much easier if I could just win the lottery already! 😉

      Thank you for commenting (and reading!), Erin. 🙂 I really appreciate that.

  2. Your “Making”, makes me zoo happy! And jealous! Cookies + stories! Did I tell you I did go out and buy a Kitchenaid? I first made biscuits (which I didn’t even use it for), then some failed muffins. Thankfully, the husband is really easy to please, ’cause they both turned out poorly but he ate them all.

    Also, I made my first whole chicken in a crockpot, and use the juices to make gravy, and it was SO GOOD! Maybe I like cooking/baking when things are actually yummy afterward.

    Anyhow, this post made me smile. ❤

      • I love that you have a Kitchenaid! YES. Mine is a life saviour. Seriously. I have no idea how I survived so long without. And it’s not you, by the sounds of it, it’s your oven. I used to have an oven like that, in our old apartment. It was awful. Every banana bread I made was basically raw in the middle, but black on the outside. When we moved into the house, with this oven, I chanced a banana bread and it was PERFECT. It was nice to know that it wasn’t me…. 😉

        CHICKEN IN A CROCK POT. I need to try that. I love my crock pot and feel, now that I’m back to work, that it’s going to (LITERALLY) save my life.

        Anyhow, you make me smile.

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