The Bank of The Universe

Karma(Image @ Sikh Answers)

I just got off the telephone with my father-in-law, a truly amazing, uplifting, inspiring person, who I am so thankful for and appreciate more than I have words for. We chatted about the weather, my mother-in-law’s plans to teach my brother-in-law how to make pastry (so that he can bring jam tarts to church tomorrow morning. I envy the congregation), and we spoke briefly about karma. Not the vindictive “that guy’s an asshole. That shit’ll bite him in the balls sometime, hopefully soon. Karma, y0” kind, but the “you get out of The Universe what you put into it” kind. It reminded me of a conversation I’d had late last month with a friend and co-worker, about a (mutual) friend and ex-co-worker.

Our (mutual) friend and my ex-co-worker, who will henceforth be known as Squirrel (because obviously, that’s why), is the poster child for that latter form of karma. It was our friend and my (current) co-worker who brought this understanding to my attention. She pointed out that he was who she thought of when she thought of karma, because Squirrel is not afraid to put himself out into the world. Not just a little bit of himself, careful and guarded, but everything. He shares so much energy with the world, and the world shares right back.

Squirrel moved across the country a few years ago. From far West to far East, he packed his little car with all of the worldly belongings he didn’t sell or give away and drove. Now me (and our friend)? We would be nervous, anxious and (probably) more than a little scared to do that, but not Squirrel. Nope, Squirrel went out with confidence. He didn’t meet trouble, there was no threat of breaking and entering his car and making off with his valuables, he, in fact, made friends. (Of course he did…. ) He found wonderful people, along his way, and have a grand time.

When he arrived out East, not everything went his way. Some of it did, but plans are best written in pencil, as those of us who have inked them have learned. Was Squirrel bogged down by that? Not as far as I know. Maybe a little, because disappointment touches us all, but he didn’t let it get him down. He pulled himself up, made new plans, put a little trust in The Universe, and just kept swimming.

“Of course you did” is my typical response to Squirrel. It’s something of an inside joke, but it’s also really reasonable. Nothing surprises me when it comes to him anymore. If he wants something, he works for it and he gets it. It’s pretty amazing to watch. And inspiring. That’s what I wrote to him the other day, that he’s an inspiration to me, 

tl;dr: you’re a big deal, you’re loved, you’re missed, and you inspire me not only to be a better person, but to trust myself, and not be afraid, to put all of myself into my life (not something I’ve been good at, historically).

I want to be like Squirrel. I want to trust myself to put myself out there. I want to stop being afraid of failure, and success, and start working toward my goals and dreams. I want to smile politely at the negative influences in my life, recognize that they exist, but stop listening to them.

My Magnum Opus won’t write itself, I won’t become a doula by sitting idly and hoping it happens. It’s time to start working and putting a little bit more trust into life.

The Black Keys – Little Black Submarines




13 thoughts on “The Bank of The Universe

  1. ❤ I love this. I completely understand Squirrel. That's so much like how we are, and the only reason we don't up and leave is our babies – but we want a RV sometime, or a boat, so we can do just that. Determination is something so important and I -know- you can get whatever you want in your life. ❤ You're a wonderful, warm and inspiring person yourself!

    • Thank you, pretty girl! I love that you and The Missus are just like that. Awh. It’s so wonderful, because it’s damn true! You ARE amazing and you CAN get exactly where you want in life, if you put a little work and energy into it. 🙂

      Thank you, honey. This comment makes me smile.

  2. I love hearing stories like this. Always a good reminder to put it all out there. (Easier said than done for most of us!) I envy people who can live life so passionately like that, and would love to be that way myself!!

    • I feel like that’s part of the reason I had to write this post, so that I had somewhere to go and something to read when I get down and out and just don’t want to try anymore.

      …I would love, so much, to be that passionate a person, too. I think we could probably get there. Maybe? 😉

  3. I love this so very much. I love you so very much. Such a good message, and something that shouldn’t be so difficult to live. But! You can do it. You have such strength.

    I love blog posts like this. It helps me climb out of my wallow-in-self-pity moments, helps me focus again, remember that sometimes things are good, right? Right.

    We all need to be more like Squirrel. ALSO—I think you are probably more like him than you realize 🙂

    • You’re wonderful and I appreciate the stuffing out of you. Always.

      YES. Right? Like I said to Mandi, I think part of the reason I wrote it is because now I have somewhere to come back to for an “OH YEAH!” moment, to remind myself that yes, in fact, I CAN get to where I’d like to get. 🙂

      HAH! I hope that’s true. We get along pretty well, he and I, so I hope a little has rubbed off. 🙂

      • You have the best phrases hahaha. “Appreciate the stuffing out you” made me giggle. 😀

        I am sure more has rubbed off than you realize—especially if you’re writing about it and thinking about it. Which is a surprisingly big step haha.

  4. Cristina says:

    Lol, Squirrel is a really appropriate name, although Hatguy might have worked, but it doesn’t quite describe him as well. He’s packed up and moved a few times, so I guess giving it your all is a matter of practice and the belief that you’ll come out ahead in the end. Dooooooo it.

    • Hatguy. HAH! Yes, that’s also appropriate. I suppose it does help that the aforementioned story wasn’t his first rodeo, but it stands to reason that he was brimming with that same hope, confidence and sparkle, albeit a few extra nerves and jitters, the first time. 😉

      Dooooooooo it! Yes. That should be my next wrist tattoo. “Just dooooooooooo it!” w00t.

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