Baby bookworm.

Proud momma moment, guys.

TLM woke up waytooearly this morning (which had less to do with the time change than it did the molars he has growing in. He’s such a trooper about teething and doesn’t complain too much, but they just don’t tickle). We had fun playing with blocks, practicing walking and enjoying a spot of breakfast before he decided he was ready for a morning nap. Promptly, he crawled to his room, plunked himself down beside his crib and said “babu” and “nighnight.”

We read a book every night before bed. Usually we alternate between Goodnight Moon* (Wise Brown) and Nighty-Night (Van Camp). Lately, TLM has been been asking for Nighty-Night. We sit down on the rocking chair, cuddle up, and he commands “babu.” (He’s not solid on the “y” just yet, so “babu” is to baby as “puppu” is to puppy.)

So this morning, before he was ready for a snooze, he wanted the “babu nighnight” book. My heart melted into a syrupy little puddle. Of course I read it to him. Twice.

It’s nighty-night for giggles and smiles,
so close your eyes and dream a while.

*Because of course we read Goonight Moon. What is it about that book?

Rockabye Baby – Highway to Hell



One thought on “Baby bookworm.

  1. Goodnight Moon is an awesome, awesome book. And being read to before bed is seriously amazing.. I loved it as a kid. My dad used to actually make up stories (one time, he made up a story about Lyle the Crocodile and how he liked to travel, and then he just named places until I fell asleep. I so made at him for gypping me out of a story!).

    Anyway, TLM rocks. ❤ As do you. This is the sweetest.

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