The little things.

…like socks.

PB&J socks(Image @

Colourful socks make me happy.

Not too long after TLM was born, I needed new socks. When confronted with choices, my instinct was to toss one package each of plain white and plain black socks into my cart, so I did. Within seconds, after lingering, for whatever reason, in the sock aisle, I noticed fairly plain white and black socks with one noticeable different: they were pin-striped with neon. Blue and green on one pair, green and purple on another, purple and pink on still another. They were still reasonably plain, enough so that I could wear them to work without problems, but they flashed some much needed colour and they made me smile.

I have never been a sock person. Mine have always been, as nurtured instinct dictated, plain and boring. After I bought those (safely) fun pin-striped socks, though? Shit got real. I still wear “boring” socks to work, for the most part, but guys? After work and on the weekends? You gotta let your hair down.

I have socks that don’t match.

THEY DON’T MATCH. (On purpose.) They don’t even colour-coordinate, most of the time.

The icing on the cake though was Friday. On Friday I wore a wicked dark pink cardigan…because of the socks I had to wear. The aforepictured socks. PB&J toasts holding hands, in love.

Those socks make me unreasonably happy.

I was chatting with a co-worker, behind the register, about them and had to show her and describe them, the way I just did, and a student (customer) peeked around, over the til, to check them out. Because you have to see peanut butter and jam toasts that are in love when they are described to you.

That student? He smiled. It was mostly out of “that chick is mad whack, y0,”  but I think he dug the socks.

It’s the little things, guys. Colourful socks, coffee in fox mugs, my son in bright blue fleece PJs sporting pictures of abominable snow-monsters…. These things make me smile, sometimes when I don’t feel like smiling. That’s power. That’s me, allowing happiness in, even if I’m too stubborn to know that I want it there.

Wear the colourful socks folks, it’s worth it.

Enjoy the little things(Image @ All Our Days)

Neil Young – Rockin’ In The Free World



8 thoughts on “The little things.

  1. Uhm…yes, and amen, and ditto. I love cute mugs and cute socks. I want all the cute socks—all the time. And the little things, they are the best.

    xox, C

    • Haha! Cute socks. Right!? So easy, but so fun. It’s actually a lot like pretty underthings. Even if no one else can see them, under your clothes (and shoes, in this case), you know they’re there and they just make you a bit happier. Funny thing.

  2. Yes Ma’am–those PB & J socks are the bee’s knees! I’m wearing a colorful pair that I knit for myself last week! And I’m knitting another colorful pair for my nephew for Christmas. I’m totally on board with the little things 🙂

    • YES! Haha. Pink Panther socks. That is awesome! And yes, like pretty underwear, it’s a fun thing to wear, sometimes especially when only you know. 🙂

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