I am a snob.

I am a book snob (at least, that’s what I’ve been told. I’m pretty sure it’s not true, because I’m pretty sure actual book snobs wouldn’t deign to read the Twilight saga and I sure did). I am a film snob (hahahahhaha. Not actually though. Because Freddy Krueger, obviously).

I am a food preparation snob. Absolutely.

Here’s the thing, I used to buy a lot of pre-packaged food stuffs (like granola and granola bars). Cheerfully. There is an awful lot of convenience in those little packages of food. Now? Can’t do it. Okay, I absolutely can, and recently have, but I vastly prefer to make my own food. I have a wicked easy recipe for granola (that is the bomb with banana, raisins and milk)*, I love those Looneyspoons girls and their GRAINola bars,** and my big baking goal for 2015 is to learn how to make bread and get into a habit/routine of doing it regularly.

Along with bread making, I have a “five year plan” goal of learning how to competantly preserve my own food. Clearly this is more because I love homemade jam than anything, but it would be completely wonderful to be able to buy a metric fuck-tonne of good (Okanagan) fruit when it’s ripe and ready and properly preserve it. Nevermind the possibilities that abound for veggies, soups and sauces AND PICKLES.

This stretches to my son, too. When he hit the “six months and safe to eat ‘real’ food” mark, I made the decision to serve him as little as possible in the pre-packaged department. I did not get into my own rice/oat cereal making (though I would be interested in trying that if we have a second go ’round), but I have steamed seemingly endless pounds of carrots, squash and potatoes and paired those with similar measures of pureed meats, legumes and other such healthy creations. (So thrilled that kid is into toddlerhood and eating actual real foods like a rockstar. It is so wonderful to cook only one meal at any given meal time, for the most part.)

There was a time when my favourite French toast, waffle and pancake topper was butter flavoured syrup (on top of melted butter, obviously). Now? Maple. Maple syrup with an ingredients list that is limited to “maple syrup”, like the natural peanut butter we eat in this house that is made from (WAIT FOR IT. Ready? Kay…) peanuts. Just. Peanuts.

And here’s A Thing that I never thought, in all of my wildest flights of fancy, that I would ever experience: I am increasingly interested in studying the CORE (Conservation Outdoor Recreation Education) to obtain a hunting license. (I already have required firearms certification, and then some.) Never, not once, did I think that I could be interested in hunting and killing an animal. It doesn’t feel so off the mark, now. I respect the art of true hunting and the relationship between human and animal, honouring the sacrifice of the animal (or me, if I met a bear/cougar or was surprised by a moose) and using as much of it as possible. As much as I love the idea of locally and ethically sourced meat (and am lucky enough to have access to some really great locations to purchase that), I really appreciate the idea of hunting healthy animals. And fishing, too. (So to my friend who is “definitely not a poet,” I’m in. Teach me.)

I’m not perfect, but I’m really enjoying getting into a more whole foods lifestyle. It’s been really fun to learn more about nutrition, foods, additives and food preparation in the last few years. I have no doubt that, by the time I have mastered the art of canning, I will be living, off the grid, on a commune. With chickens and goats. (Probably alone, because I’m pretty sure that Mephy will only put up with so many of my hippie ways.)

Disclaimer: this has no bearing on you at all. You do what you gotta do, folks. You need to buy some Quaker granola bars? You do that. Like I said, I still do. They’re good, they are what they are and they serve their purpose. When given the time and opportunity, I will manufacture what I can in my own kitchen is all I’m saying.

…okay…. Am I a food snob, or a hipster doofus…?

Attention Hipster Doofuses(Image found @ Hipster Jew)

Do YOU make your own foods? What do you make and what do you buy? What are your recipes? Any bread-making advice for me?

Grimes – Genesis


*Go here: http://www.recipetineats.com/homemade-granola-muesli/ Have fun. Eat muchly. (I use pumpkin seeds and almonds, unsweetened dried cranberries, vanilla, coconut oil and honey.)
** Go here: http://www.canadianfamily.ca/recipe/grainola-bars/ (I used extra cranberries in place of the chocolate chips because when last I made these I was on a no-sugar challenge. …more on that later.)


10 thoughts on “I am a snob.

  1. I dig this post. I am also a really big fan of making everything yourself as much as you possibly can! It’s interesting because, since college, I’ve gone “buy prepacked” and “make your own” for different things. Example: I used to make my own marinara sauce, but now I am lazy and Trader Joe’s does a great sauce. I used to buy premade soups, now I never ever do that. It just all depends on my priorities now…

    P.S. PICKLING THINGS IS FUN but I can make everything good but actual pickles. My recipe needs help. 😉

    Also—I really like the “5 year plan” for canning and such. I have a 5 year plan for a garden. Hopefully.

    • I, too, use canned/jarred sauce (and tomatoes, beans, pumpkin, etc.). BUT! When my canning plan comes into play, ALL THE THINGS WILL CHANGE (maybe). I COULD make things like marinara sauce and freeze them, but I find that freezing, as a form of preservation, doesn’t thrill me for veggie/sauce prep. But yes, convenience foods are super convenient. However! I do tend to buy things that mirror that PB and maple syrup rule as much as possible. The fewer ingredients that I can’t pronounce, the better. (And the lower the sodium content, because holy moly!)

      Dude. Because that pickled cauliflower you have pictures of. Yes!

  2. Cristina says:

    I’m starting to think of you as more of a naturalist or a minimalist when it comes to the way you do things. Or, like, taking out the middle man and doing it yourself. It’s so funny though because I totally can’t picture you carrying a gun, let alone killing an animal. Although I just don’t know that side of you, obviously.

    I’m assuming you don’t mean breadmaker bread? Because that shit is fun too.

    • Naturalist/minimalist makes me happy. ESPECIALLY the minimalist, because I would LOVE to downsize (my clutter at least, but my home too, I think).

      HAH! Firearms can be fun. The shooting part I always enjoy, on a range. The animal part I would need to do some mental preparation for. I’ve never had a problem with hunting (for food purposes, not for trophies), but that’s always been a theory and done by other people. I may have to start with fish….

      I SORT OF mean breadmaker bread. I have a bread machine and I need to use it. What I don’t love is breadmaker loaves, so I need to refine the art of prepping the dough in the machine and baking it myself, in the oven. Then I will have appropriately sized loaves, not weird;y shaped monstrosities. (It’s a thing. I’ve never really loved the size/shape of breadmaker bread.)

      • Cristina says:

        I’m sure Pinterest could help you declutter, lol.

        I’m also sure that if I had to kill my own food that I’d be a vegetarian. I can barely stand to see/touch raw meat. Yay for the middle man!

        Haha, actually, baking your breadmaker dough is totally the best of both worlds. You get the convenience of something else kneading/rising your dough but you get the awesomeness of your own loaves. Yeah, the shape is kinda weird.

      • PInterest is overwhelming, but yes, I’m sure it could help me declutter if given the time and energy. 😉

        I used to be like that, but I’ve gone full redneck. This is what happens when yo move the the Hart, clearly. 😀

        Yes! Exactly. I just need to actually get my shit together and do it. (I need to get my shit together and to A LOT of things…. )

  3. suzymmarie says:

    Okay, preserves and homemade baby food MAY seem a little hipster but actually I think you’re amazing for thinking of food in this way. It’s something I really wish I could do but I hate cooking or spending any time over food and consequently I go for convenience. I am trying to be more conscious of what I’m eating but I can only dream of being the way you are about it. You absolutely rock!

    • Hah! Baby food was partially a cost thing. I make a lot of veggies to begin with, so it made sense just to make more of them, cook them longer, and smoosh them up for The Dude. 🙂 Once you commit, the rest is easy. (I need to start applying that to the rest of my life.)

      Yeah, it’s not easy if you don’t like to cook. Thankfully there are a lot of really great, healthy convenience items out there. And a lot of really great raw food ideas that don’t require very much work. (I don’t love to cook. I love to bake, but cooking is not my zen activity. At all.)

  4. I am very recently moving away from the pre-packaged foods! (And this is tough for me – I was raised on it, so it’s 33 years of habit!)

    In January I did Whole30 and I can’t even begin to describe how much better it made me feel! So now I am slowly pulling the rest of the family away from the junk. (And my six year old is incredibly reluctant – but someday? She’ll thank me.)

    So snob away. It’s a good thing in this case!

    • I hear you Jac, it is not easy to move away from that. ESPECIALLY after literal decades. (Right there with you!) I have heard such great things about the Whole30 challenge. I might have to give that some serious thought…. Hah! Reluctance. I can see that, heck I have some myself. But you’re right, she’ll thank you eventually. …when she feels great after eating, not like she has a ball of lead sitting in her stomach, I suspect. 😉

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