On Relationships: canine update.

So I wrote about my relationship with The Hellhound last week. (If you haven’t read it, you can find it here: On Relationships: not my best friend. In short: my dog and I need work.)

Oddly, I already have something of an update. It’s a good/bad update. Bittersweet.

We had a vet visit this morning. A regular check-up with a kennel cough vaccination and a de-worming (because the aforecalled asshole likes to eat compost at my in-laws’ house and who knows what she’s eating with it) thrown in for good measure. At the beginning of this appointment, as is customary, The Hellhound was weighed. It’s not polite to disclose her weight publicly, but it was discussed that she could stand to lose 7-10 of the pounds she currently carries. This isn’t so she looks prettier and accepts her body more graciously. She’s a dog, and a German Shepherd at that, it’s because if we don’t get this under control she could meet with any number of a laundry list of canine afflictions. (You wouldn’t think German Shepherds would be so at risk, they look – to me – like your standard dog’s dog, but they really are. Ugh.)

So! I have some pregnancy weight I’d like to shed. (You’re not allowed to comment, because it’s not your body, but this really is because I think I’ll look prettier and I will absolutely accept my body more graciously. This is something to discuss, at length, in another piece though.) Now we have even more of a reason to get our shit together and get out and moving.

This is going to be good. Nothing makes a person/dog more inclined to acquiesce to your suggestions quite like burning off their excess energy. It cuts out the bullshit and brings rationality back into play. …sometimes….

There you have it. My dog is overweight and I have some getting-into-shape that I’d like to do. Thank you, Universe.

And just because I think she’s pretty, here’s another photo of her (doing what she loves to do).


Chris Daughtry – In The Air Tonight (Cover)



One thought on “On Relationships: canine update.

  1. lahirondelle says:

    I have a fat dog too because I have taught him that love = food. Now when I tell him he is good or I love him he runs over to his snack jar.

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