A minor rant.

Anne Lamott

I don’t have a Masters degree. (Yet.) You wouldn’t think this would make me less of a human. Apparently it does.

Why do we choose to attempt to maintain relationships we shouldn’t? Why do I choose to do this? Even fucking nostalgia isn’t worth this shit.

It has gone from my (goddamn management) job being sniffed at haughtily – …because I don’t work in health care or education? (Except I do work in education…. ) – to being informed that my Masters degree of choice (yup) won’t land me a lucrative position of employment (a thing that has never been my driving force).

The icing was added to this decadent layer cake last week though, when it was patronizingly insinuated that I can’t write. That any non-fiction project I would ever work on would be an anecdotal farce. That because I don’t have education beyond a bachelor’s degree (which is still pretty fucking skookum, imo), I can’t research and build a network of contacts. That I don’t know shit about shit.

Please note: research and contact building are integral parts of most post-secondary degree programs. I don’t actually have a “BA in BS.” I have a BA in “lots of reading, lots of citation, lots of consulting people who know things about things, lots of putting my own goddamn ego aside, and lots of ‘I actually do know how throw a few sentences together’.”

Fuck sakes. I just can’t. Not anymore. These are “friends,” people. This is how I see myself. I think I am worth this bullshit. Fuck that. I’m done. You can look down on my job, you can assume that money is my driving force, and you can pro tip my educational choices, but you damn well cannot tell me that I can’t write.

Go fuck yourselves.

In other news: I have a beautiful human sending me writing contests and advertisements for publications accepting submissions on a weekly basis, I have been presented with a completely baller (writing) opportunity I hope to be able to gush about soon, and it was very recently suggested that I open a café in my neighbourhood. So it’s not all douchbaggary. Mostly it’s seriously wonderful people and events. But sometimes you just need to vent and drop $0.05 words in a glorious string.

Pantera – Fucking Hostile




3 thoughts on “A minor rant.

    Fuck educational bullshit snobs who haven’t done enough reading of their own to know of all the great writers who come from “no background” – of all the great female writers who weren’t allowed a “formal education” and still wrote the best fucking shit I’ve ever read. So fuck that shit. Break all the goddamn grammar rules and expectations and write something new if you want. Or abide by all the rules and write something else new if you want. Just fucking put down words regardless of shitheads who are too concerned imo with their own failures they try to pass them on to someone else.

    Seriously this makes me so angry! Like unbelievably so. Nobody gets to tell you you can’t write, not even editors or publishers who don’t pick up your work. Only you get to do that, and if you do decide that’s a thing I’m gonna come over and talk in all caps at you until you pick up a fucking pen (or computer as it were).

    And no, I disagree. No one has the right to look down on your job, your life choices or anything else for that matter. You’re right, you’re worth more than that – you’re worth so much that you shouldn’t let people get away with telling you you can’t write, much less making false assumptions about you. That whole thing is bullshit too. You do you (your words btw), and fuck the rest. Lives don’t have standards, there is no other goal or need or requirement than what you set for yourself. This person/people in general need to learn to stop fucking assuming everyone has the same path.

    fucking robots.

  2. Cristina says:

    Ugh. Just, ugh. They’re not worth your stress. They have no right to judge your life or your choices. You worked hard for your BA and that’s definitely something to be proud of! They don’t know what satisfies your soul or makes you want to wake up in the morning…or rather, they do because you’ve told them your dreams, but they’ve chosen to ignore your words and that’s even worse.

    So…what I’m curious about is why that person actually thinks you should sacrifice your dreams and choose another career simply because they say so? Why do they believe their opinion is more important/relevant than yours, when it’s your actual life that you’re living? Talk about conceit.

    You do what makes you happy. Everyone else, as you put it so eloquently, can go fuck themselves.

    Personal note: My BSc is sitting in the basement, completely unused. I’m not who I was when I was 18-23. I have other responsibilities. My actual job/career is oddly way more satisfying in some ways and is infinitely more suitable to my family life than the Dream Job. I’ve come to terms with giving it up because it would require more schooling and I would see my family less and that’s not acceptable to me. (I actually sort of had this conversation the other day, where someone was curious about what I plan on doing with my life. I still don’t know. I’m fine with that.)

  3. lahirondelle says:

    OMG fuck that shit. Degrees are so passe! I try and keep my bachelors degree secret because I don’t want people to know how uncool I am. Casey Neistat didn’t finish high school and he is the king of awesome. Pieces of paper don’t mean shit, you either have or you don’t. And baby you have it.

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