I am a terrible biographer. This is me, in point form:

  • My name is Kim
  • I am the very proud momma of the formerly “incubating tiny ninja zombie, due to bring the world to its knees in early August,” known as The Little Man (TLM)
  • BC, Canada is home
  • Fox is my spirit animal
  • I am not a theme blogger. I don’t craft, can’t do much of anything myself, always forget to take pictures when I bake and I’ve never been a mother before. I just have opinions. Many, many opinions on many, many things
  • I have an awesome temper
  • When I met him, I thought my (now) husband was an asshole. As it happens, I am an excellent judge of character
  • I have a minor addiction to pens. And notebooks
  • I will listen to, and taste anything at least three times before I decide whether I like it or not
  • I love classic rock
  • My education is in literature. I love ST Coleridge, but have yet to finish anything Austen wrote
  • Baking is one of my ultimate loves. My “nesting” has taken the form of pastries. This has been smiled upon by friends and family as I give almost all of the baking away (because husband-guy doesn’t love dessert and I try not to eat too much of it)
  • I hate stew. I have tried it many times, made by many people, but I just can’t bring myself to understand why people salivate over this dish
  • I love tattoos and do not have nearly enough. (I have three, so far)
  • I love crime drama, thrillers and horror
  • I swear. A lot
  • I use sarcasm. A lot
  • When I grow up I want to order stationary for a small, independent somethingorother and write. Or own a small, independent bookstore (with attached café, of course) and write. Basically? I want to work part-time and write
  • The most awesome job I have worked yet was in an independent, local bookshop
  • Hackers is my favourite movie

Other fun facts:
Why I blog the way I blog.
ABCs about me!

Or hey – get to know me through my pins. Because pins say everything about a person. Legit. Or my book reviews on Goodreads, or Fox You (Very Much).

Please feel free to contact me, about anything really (I have an AMAZING recipe for double chocolate cookies. You’d love it, I promise), at foxyouverymuch@gmail.com


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